Shattered toughened glass

Toughened vs Heat Soaked Glass...

 The two main processes available on the market, the most common being toughened, so what is heat soaked?

The majority of toughened glass contains small amounts of Nickel Sulphide, which changes state during the toughening process and cannot revert to its original form when the glass is cooled. Although steps are taken to remove the Nickel Sulphide inclusions, no glass manufacturer can guarantee that they are not present.

In most cases, this isn’t too much of a problem, but sometimes, the Nickel Sulphide eventually returns to its original form and expands in size as it does so. This can lead to cracks and breakages in glass sometimes several months or years later.

Heat soaked glass solves that issue. The toughened glass will be placed in an oven around 300 degrees and left for 4 hours. If there are any Nickel Sulphide inclusions, they will expand during this process and cause breakage. However, if the glass does not break, it indicates it’s safe to use and it’s very unlikely to break at a later date.

It’s clear what the benefits are with heat soaked glass, for a smaller outlay from the start can potentially stop any further outlays in the future.

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