Stainless Steel and Glass Juliet Balcony

Stainless Steel and Glass Juliet Balcony - Side Fixed

The Stainless Steel And Glass Juliet Balcony Side Fix is perfect for all types of projects. A huge range of fittings are available making this Juliet Balcony highly customisable. Made and designed to your specific requirements, this is a balcony with options without affecting the finish or the view. Tinted, privacy, and colour glass, we have it all.

Stainless Steel and Glass Juliet Balcony - Bottom Fixed

The Stainless Steel And Glass Juliet Balcony Bottom Fix is a great option all types of projects. Like the top fix, made and designed to your specific requirements. This Juliet balcony can be installed with or without the handrail. If you’re looking for a little privacy, we can provide opaque glass with all our balconies. We can also match the colour of your doors or cladding by powder coating the stainless steel.

Metal Juliet Balcony

The Metal Juliet Balcony is the more traditional style and still a popular choice today. Made and designed to your specific requirements, we can manufacture this Juliet in a simple design or if you have a design you wish to achieve we can help. Galvanised and powder coated to match any colour, making this Balcony just as versatile as the rest. If you want to add Glass, not a problem, we have many different styles of Glass Clamps available.

These balconies can be used in most applications due to the adaptive nature of the products, designs are plentiful. There are two main designs, side fix, and bottom fix, from here we can change fixing points, glass sizes, positions of posts, and more. If you have a challenging build and need options, this is certainly a balcony to consider, we can helpfully design the balcony for you.

The products we use are all high quality to give a professional finish that will complement your project. The Stainless Steel And Glass Balconies are all designed to comply with UK building regulations. All glass used is safety glass and designed to protect you, toughened or toughened laminated. The stainless steel we use is graded 316 as standard and of very high quality.

Glass Details:

The glass used on the Stainless Steel And Glass Balconies heavily depends on the design, either toughened or toughened laminated will be used. Balconies with a handrail only require toughened glass where balconies without a handrail require toughened laminated glass, this is your two forms of safety barrier required by building control. From 10mm to 13.5mm Glass, not forgetting we can supply privacy glass or any colour!

Stainless Steel Details:

All stainless steel we supply is graded 316 unless 304 is requested. Stainless steel graded 316 is used for outdoor purposes and in many marine areas, if you are on a seafront, stainless steel graded 316L may be the choice for you. There is minimal difference between the two, 316L has less carbon present, therefore, has better corrosion resistance, not all fittings are available in 316L so please check before purchasing.

More information on this system is available, please send your inquiry here.

If you have an Architect, Building Company, or Project Manager you wish for us to liaise with, that’s not a problem, just let us know the details and leave it with us here.