Glass Balustrades

Glass Balustrades and Barriers - Top Fix

This Glass balustrade can be fitted internally or externally, on a staircase, or a balcony. This system can really open up your living area, adding light and the feeling of space. Compliant with building regulations, and not disturbing your views.

We can install a handrail to this system for extra comfort if desired, we can also customise the system with colour to the channel and glass.

Glass Balustrades and Barriers - Face Fix

Just like the Top Fix, the Face Fix can be fitted internally or externally, and with or without a handrail. This style takes frameless to the max. As you can see from the pictures, it gives the impression the glass floating and almost disappears.

Highly customisable like the Top Fix version, if you’re looking for an elegant and sophisticated safety barrier then look no further.

Glass Balustrades and Barriers - Spigot Fix

Spigot Fix is extremely popular around pools, and decking. With some extra added fittings, a gate can be fitted giving you the peace of mind that the area is safe.

If you wish to have some privacy, we can install privacy glass or a special colour to really make this system stand out. Different styles of spigots are available.

Glass Balustrades are the Peak of its kind. Frameless glass with opulent views, open your balcony and enjoy your surroundings.

Glass Balustrades and Barriers, perfect for most applications where your views are most important. There are two main fixing types available, top fix and side fix. We have many different styles of fittings for each of the fixing systems, please enquire here for more information. All of the strength and integrity comes from the fittings and more importantly the fixings, we are here to help and guide you with your installations.

All products we use have been tested to pass UK Building Regulations for Building Control in BSI 6180, test data can be supplied for all of the systems we supply. The glass used for our Glass Balustrades And Barriers are toughened or heat soaked, PVB, or Sentry, they are special processes that strengthen the glass. All stainless steel and aluminium fittings we use are graded to a very high quality.

Glass Details:

The glass thickness is dependant on the application, we use 17.5mm and 21.5mm, others are available. There are two options when it comes to the processing, standard toughening or heat soaked, there is a very minimal difference in price. Have a look at our heat soaked glass post here.

Other options include, but are not limited to – Ultra clear, tinted, privacy, any colour, pattern, or logo.

Stainless Steel Details:

All stainless steel we supply is graded 316 unless 304 is requested. Stainless steel graded 316 is used for outdoor purposes and in many marine areas, if you are on a seafront, stainless steel graded 316L may be the choice for you. There is minimal difference between the two, 316L has less carbon present, therefore, has better corrosion resistance, not all fittings are available in 316L so please check before purchasing.

More information on this system is available, please send your enquiry here.

If you have an Architect, Building Company, or Project Manager you wish for us to liaise with, that’s not a problem, just let us know the details and leave it with us here.